Cookie Decorating

Hands up how many of you loathe being asked. “What do you do?” ME. TOO. Mainly because my answer is different on any given day of the week. Some days I’m acting on a TV set or singing on stage. Other days I’m writing a DIY blog or writing a TV series. And sometimes I’m teaching Grade 2. Yup, when one of my other four careers aren’t bringing in the mulah, I pull out my dusty teaching degree and get to work!

For the past two weeks I have been teaching a gorgeous Grade 2 class at the U.N International School and I loved it. Particularly because I was able to do lots of fun, festive, end-of-year activities with the kids!

Call me crazy. But I thought it would be fun to decorate Christmas cookies. With 20 kids.

Here is how I did it. Firstly I bought the following:




Ready-made frosting




Ziplock bags

I laid out a plate, 2 cookies, 2 piping bags, a napkin and a cup of spinkles for each student. Preparation is always easier without the kids in the room!


I gave each child two zip-lock bags and spooned vanilla frosting into the corner of one bag, and chocolate frosting into the corner of the other. Then cut a corner off each bag. image_2When the kids arrived, I demonstrated how to use the ziplock bag as a piping bag.

image_1Here are a few of the kids’ masterpieces!image_7 image_8

image_5This was a really fun, tasty activity, though I would highly advice disposable tablecloths and extra napkins!

Penny xo