Organised Home

Hello friends!

For my Aussie readers: Happy-First-Day-Back-At-School!!

When I was a kid, the first day of the school year was always filled with excitement… mainly as I was able to raid my Mum’s stationary cupboard. Nerd. It’s always a great time to set up good habits for the year ahead as the enthusiasm and energy is still there. So, here are some fresh ideas to get you started…

1. Board and Bags

Personal whiteboard calenders are a great way to keep track of each kid’s monthly activities. The convenient bag-hooks save Mum from tripping over them in the hallway and breaking an ankle. And the bulldog clip at the top of each board is a good place to display all those permission slips, artworks and certificates.

Bag Hooks

 2. Family Chore Chart

I come from a big “chore” family. Mowing lawns, washing cars and making beds were regular time-stealers. I like the Family Chore Chart (left) as it mixes the chores up each week – saves one from dying of boredom while vacuuming EVERY week! A good way to ensure  kids know that keeping a home clean is a group effort.

family chore chart

3. Bookshelves and Baskets

As a kid, I was always getting in trouble for leaving stuff around the house. Bags, books, CD’s, tap shoes etc. It was soooo annoying to walk aaaallll the way upstairs to my bedroom to put my things away. So how about this idea – designate a basket and bookshelf for each kid somewhere in your living area. This could potentially save you from numerous fights and lots of clutter!

Bookshelves and Baskets

4. Action Wall

A clever way to combine all the family activities and paperwork! I love this collection of whiteboards, paper-holders and in-trays. I also like that it is in the family’s line of site and easily accessible.

Action Wall 2

Perhaps involve your kids in creating your organisation system, that way they might be more inclined to use it! Good luck Mums and Dads!

– Penny xo