My Beautiful Hamptons Style Kitchen


Hi friends! Well this post has been a long time coming. Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen has been the most time consuming and stressful. I am astounded by how many decisions need to be made for just one room! Benchtops, drawers, cupboards, handles, appliances, flooring, splashback, sink, taps, lights, kickboard, layout... the list goes on. BUT, I am very pleased to tell you that the pain has been worth it. We spend months drawing and re-drawing our kitchen design, choosing … [Continue reading...]

My Pretty Victorian Daybed


In last week's post, I shared the 10 tricks we used to restore our horrible old bedrooms into brand-spankin new ones, and I am so thrilled with how they turned out. Sometimes I just go and sit on the floor, smelling in the new carpet and new paint smell. True story. But now that they are all looking schmik, I have the daunting task of filling them with furniture. I am often frozen by indecision when it comes to buying furniture, I'm terrified of buying the wrong piece. This is rather … [Continue reading...]

10 Ways to Make an Old Room New Again


One of my dearest friends came to visit last week. She had been to our house numerous times before the renovation, so she already had the ‘before photos’ etched in her head. The ‘before photo’ of one of our downstairs bedrooms. Along with the hallway, the two downstairs bedrooms are the only original rooms in […]

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Moving into our Bedroom!


As you may have guessed from my ealier posts, we have finally moved into our own house! It took 10 months, but we are IN! Now while we have moved in, the house is not quite finished. There are still lots of little bits and bobs we need to complete. But for the most part, […]

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Our Backyard Makeover!


Spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon! I have impatiently been waiting for the warmer weather so we could lay our new lawn. Not only will we have a backyard in time for summer BBQ’s, but our little man has become a crawler in recent weeks, so having the extra space for him […]

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Our Arched Hallway Makeover


Is a hallway considered a room? Because if it is, our hallway is my favourite room in the house. I would happily sleep there, eat there and work there. It is beautiful. Let’s recap. This is what our hallway use to look like… Charming, isn’t it? This is what it looks like now… Soooo…. you […]

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New Kitchen Update: Part 1


You Hellooo! I thought it was about high time I blogged about our new kitchen. This room has caused me WAY too much stress, so I’ve been loathe to write about it as it has taken up too much of my brain power already. The most frustrating part is that it shouldn’t have been stressful. […]

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Our Main Bathroom Reveal!


Well I thought the day would never come, but I am finally at the stage of writing my “REVEAL” posts! 5 years after buying our house, 2 years after getting the plans approved, 10 months after starting the renovation process and 8 months after building began, we have finally moved in! And it is as […]

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Living Room Update!


The living room is soooo close to being finished. For old time sake, let me show you a photo of the living room from when we first bought the house 5 years ago. Pokey is an understatement. The walls were made of fibro, the french doors were rotting and the floor was made of cold, […]

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Designing and Building a Staircase

Modern glass staircase

Since this is my first renovation, there are many things that completely over-whelm me. Designing a staircase being one of them. I feel I have a pretty good sense of what I like and don’t like, however when it came to designing a staircase, I felt completely out of my depth. I have since learned, […]

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