We Agree on these 4 Bathroom Fixtures – No Divorce Necessary

Free standing bath

Earlier this week, I shared that Matt and I have different ideas and tastes when it comes to bathroom design, you can read all about that delightful marital issue here. After many, many discussions through gritted teeth, we came to the conclusion that our downstairs bathroom needs to be in-keeping with the heritage part of the house. While our en-suite can be more modern - as it is in the newly built section of the house. HOWEVER, we still need to ensure that our bathrooms don't look like … [Continue reading...]

Deciding on a Bathroom Style – One of Marriage’s Great Challenges


  In the past few weeks, I have had several people ask how I am managing a newborn baby and a house renovation. And due to a whole lot of good fortune, I am happy to report that it has been relatively stress-free. Firstly, we aren't living in the house while building it, we are living with my parents. Secondly, my mum cooks dinner most nights, and sings ridiculously cute songs to our little Jack while I order bathroom vanities over the phone. Thirdly, we have a great builder who says … [Continue reading...]

How to Design an En-suite: A Jigsaw Puzzle!

The Block in Melbourne

Throughout the whole process of designing our home, we always consider the effect our decisions will have on the re-sale value. Reason being, we think we will outgrow this house within 5-7 years (hopefully if more babies come along). We therefore look at our renovation as an investment, not just as our home. We’ve had […]

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8 Amazing Antiques Selling at Auction Tomorrow!

Lot 784

In my experience, the secret to a home going from ‘good’ to ‘reality show judge approved’ is the presence of at least one unique, authentic, feature piece of decoration or furniture to draw attention. So, where to find these vintage gems without having to ‘Mike Wolff’ it through the dirty and rusty barns of strangers? […]

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How to Restore a Wicker Rocking Chair


It was a regular Sunday afternoon, as Matt and I drove to our friends’ house for a BBQ. Little did we know, it was one of our favourite days of the year – COUNCIL CLEAN UP!! Unfortunately for Matt, he was driving. Sucker. So I was the one who got to look out the window […]

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Renovation Update: Second Floor!


Things are moving again! After a few weeks off over January, our builder is back on the job! In one of my recent posts, I shared that the first floor structure had been completed before Christmas. Now, the second floor structure is on its way! As you can see, the stud walls are up, which […]

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Timber or Aluminium Windows?


  We were very excited to receive TWO special deliveries last week – one came in the form of a gorgeous baby boy called Jack! He is such a darling and we are loving being his mum and dad:) Victory! I finished all the milk! The other came in the form of windows and bi-fold […]

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Renovation: First Floor Structure Done!


Well, I think I have officially lost the first gene-pool battle. This baby is now 4 days late… clearly taking after its father in punctuality. But on the upside, it gives me some spare time to fill you in on our renovation! The last few weeks have seen the builders finish the side brick wall […]

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Having a baby is a good thing, right?


  Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for following Darling Street and all my renovation and DIY projects this year. I have loved growing the blog and reaching new readers, and I hope to have many more adventures to share with you in 2015! As I sit and write this blog post, I am 3 days […]

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Chalkpaint Makover: Magazine Rack


This week, I tried out a new paint product – Porters Chalk Emulsion! It’s been around for a while, but I’ve only just discovered it. It’s is an Australian product, which means it is reasonably priced compared to the international brands that must be shipped downunder. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Now, what to paint!? Remember a […]

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