Timber or Aluminium Windows?


  We were very excited to receive TWO special deliveries last week - one came in the form of a gorgeous baby boy called Jack! He is such a darling and we are loving being his mum and dad:) VICTORY! I finished all the milk!The other came in the form of windows and bi-fold doors! We ordered them from a company in Thornleigh called Airlight. All the dimensions for our windows and bi-folds were on the plans, so I just took them into Airlight and sat down with a very helpful lady called … [Continue reading...]

Renovation: First Floor Structure Done!


Well, I think I have officially lost the first gene-pool battle. This baby is now 4 days late... clearly taking after its father in punctuality. But on the upside, it gives me some spare time to fill you in on our renovation! The last few weeks have seen the builders finish the side brick wall for the living room. As you can see, it is a brick veneer wall, which means the interior part of the wall is a wooden stud wall, and the exterior is one layer of brick. Speaking of studs... check … [Continue reading...]

Having a baby is a good thing, right?


  Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for following Darling Street and all my renovation and DIY projects this year. I have loved growing the blog and reaching new readers, and I hope to have many more adventures to share with you in 2015! As I sit and write this blog post, I am 3 days […]

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Chalkpaint Makover: Magazine Rack


This week, I tried out a new paint product – Porters Chalk Emulsion! It’s been around for a while, but I’ve only just discovered it. It’s is an Australian product, which means it is reasonably priced compared to the international brands that must be shipped downunder. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Now, what to paint!? Remember a […]

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Walls and Floors are Going Up!


  Apologies! It has been a couple of week since my last blog post, because it turns out, renovating a house and BLOGGING about renovating a house is quite time-consuming. But I am very happy to report that all is going along very smoothly. Our builder is fantastic and moving at a cracking pace. Since […]

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Renovation Costs So Far

Piggy Bank

I often have friends ask me about renovating and whether or not they should embark on the journey. I come from a family of renovators – my parents have bought several houses over the years and renovated them, so too have my older sisters and their husbands. I’m not talking about a simple bathroom renovation. […]

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Jasper and Eve – A New Online Store

From $39.00

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you a gorgeous online store that has recently been launched by Aussie husband and wife duo, Leslyn and Andy. Their online store – Jasper and Eve, combines boutique designs with smart, socially responsible values. Not only have they got a range of beautiful and unique home-decor pieces, but […]

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House Demolition has Begun!


I’m running around ordering windows and doors today, so only have time for a quick update. But here is the update on our house demolition. After only one week, things are moving swiftly along with the renovation. Our builder Maarten and his assistant Paul have only been there 4 days, but so far they have: […]

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First Week of Renovations!


Our first week of renovations has begun! And what better way to start, than by using a sledge-hammer and crow-bar to rip out a kitchen. You may recall that it previously looked like this: Well, not anymore. Matt and I went in on Sunday and pretty much ripped out the whole thing. Our builders were […]

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Restoring my Kitchen Stool using Milkpaint

Cleaning the Stool

Remember when I hit a Flea Market Auction in Bowral a few weeks ago? Well, a few of the items I bought didn’t make it into my Online Shop. That’s because I wanted to keep them for myself! One of those items was this cute kitchen stool… I have been keeping my eyes peeled for […]

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