Our Main Bedroom


  Hi friends, Boy, a lot has happened since I last blogged about our main bedroom. The last post shows photos of the gyprock being installed, but since then our main bedroom has been completed! Here are some photos showing the progress over the past 6 weeks... A while undercoat was applied to the walls and ceiling. Wiring was installed for the pendant light to hang down from the timber beam. Also, a TV outlet and powerpoints were installed on the right-hand … [Continue reading...]

Tiles and Cornices are Up!


Hi peeps, I have recovered from my mini break-down of last week, and am back on track! In my last post I shared pics of the main bathroom and promised a follow-up post showing you the tiles. Well, here it is! You may recall from earlier blog posts, that we wanted this bathroom to have a traditional feel, as it is in the original 1920's part of the house. Although we wanted a touch of 'heritage' in this bathroom, we also wanted it to look like a brand spanking new bathroom. This is … [Continue reading...]

The Main Bathroom


Hi lovelies, Sorry it’s been a while between posts. The last few weeks have been really tough – I am only just managing to keep my head above water. But the good news is, I have come to one giant conclusion this month: Newborns and renovations do not mix!! This may seem like an obvious […]

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Choosing Tiles for the Ensuite


Choosing tiles has been one of the hardest decisions of our renovation. Once you choose tiles and have them installed, there is no going back. This makes it a very scary decision. Plus, it can be hard to picture what a particular tile will look like once it fills a wall. But we persevered and […]

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Gyprocking and Waterproofing the Ensuite


On Monday morning, I woke to sound of pelting rain on the windows and thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t have to venture out into it. All the renovation jobs I had to do were admin jobs – paying bills, ordering kitchen appliances, booking a carpet quote, etc. That was at 9am. At 9.34am, […]

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GIVEAWAY: Free 3-Hour House Clean!


  When Carol from HomeHello contacted me a couple of weeks ago, she told me about a new home-cleaning company founded by a group of NSW Uni students. And can I just say, it looks ACE! They have brought home-cleaning into the 21st Century, with an easy-to-use website which allows you to instantly book a […]

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to take in your Hospital Bag

Hi friends! Okay, so this is WAY off the renovating topic. But honestly, I wanted a break form writing/thinking/dreaming/talking about the house at the moment. Plus I have several girlfriends who are going to give birth in the next month or two (!!), and I’ve been promising each of them a list of things to […]

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Installing Gyprock!


It is starting to look like a REAL house! Each step during a reno feels exciting, as it is a step closer to a move-in date. I was excited when the floor went down, when the bricks went up and when the roof went on. But NOTHING compares to installing gyprock! I hadn’t been to […]

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We Have a Roof!


I would like to start this post by saying a massive thank you to my little boy, Jack. Although he can’t read QUITE yet, I want to publicly acknowledge his awesomeness at sleeping in the car. Since we are living with my folks, we are a 45 minute drive away from our Balmain house. Which […]

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