An Amazing Architectural Salvage Store

Store 1

One of the BEST things about traveling to new cities, is finding local goodies to take home with you. I'm a big believer that your home should be a reflection of you. So whenever I go traveling, I try to pick up a little something to commemorate my time in that place. I have been living in Sarasota, Florida for 8 weeks, and everyday I drove past a treasure chest - without realizing it! It wasn't until my husband visited that he pointed out Circus City Architectural Salvage - I was so glad he … [Continue reading...]

The Kick4Life Restaurant Display Wall is Complete!

K4L Shelf Close up 2

  Weeeeeee! Kick4Life's No.7 Restaurant is nearly ready to open! When I was asked to design it last year, Kick4life suggested we display locally-made artwork as well as cultural items that are unique to Lesotho. So I got to thinking, and remembered this fabulous wall from one of my favourite Brooklyn cafes - Toby's Estate. The fabulous volunteers at Kick4Life got to work and created their own gorgeous display wall. Check it out! They've even started filling the shelves with … [Continue reading...]

If you came to a Flea Market with me…

Red Barn

This is how the day would play out… We would google the biggest and best flea market nearby, then head on over in our convertible Mercedes. With the roof down. Of course.  The first treasures we spot are these vintage maps dating back to the 1960s. We search through them all, desperately trying to find […]

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African Pallet Map

African Pallet

Things are busy in Lesotho, as Kick4Life’s No.7 Restaurant prepares to open it’s doors! The amazing husband and wife team behind the transformation – Wayne and Tess, put their creative skills to good use recently, using a bunch of  leftover wood from the pallet tables. They used the wood to create a map of Africa […]

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Home!


O.M.G!!! I don’t know what I’m more excited about… the fact that I finally get to see the inside of Sarah Jessica Parker’s house OR that she answers 73 awesome questions in 5 minutes. Either way, this interview has made my day! Thanks and credit to the awesome Vogue Channel. ) Tell me – what […]

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Cute Children’s Furniture

Kids Coat Rack Crop

Hi peeps! This post is for all those mummies and daddies who would rather set their hair on fire than try and go furniture shopping with little cherubs in toe. is an online Aussie store that sells reasonably priced furniture and delivers! They do a whole range, but I decided to pick out my […]

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5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall

Walls windown Frame Cropped

  Whenever I move into a new apartment… and let’s be honest, that seems to be every single year at the moment. I always feel overwhelmed by the blankness of it. Not necessarily the blank space, it’s easy to fill that up with a couch, table, tv, bookshelf, dresser and a bed. But staring at […]

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Pallet Tables Are Ready!

Pallet Cropped

Hi everyone, This week has been an exciting one for No.7 Restaurant as the tables have arrived! When I first started designing this restaurant, two major factors I had to take into consideration were the price and materials. Lesotho has limited resources and we were tight on funds, so we thought outside the box and […]

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African Restaurant is Under Way!

Catering Cropped

Hi friends! Remember last year, I was asked to design a restaurant in the African country of Lesotho? Well the charity, Kick4life, has all the funds in order and the team has started construction! If you want to know how I got involved and what the project is all about, click here. Kick4Life delivers a […]

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