Makeover: Painting the Outside of our House

Cutting In cropped

Well, we are less than 3 weeks away from leaving New York, and as such, I am starting to freak out about how much we have to do in preparation to renovate our house! I have been looking through photos I took before we left to try and remember what it even looks like - it's been nearly 4 years after all. As you may recall, when we first bought the house - it was unlivable. We absolutely bought the WORST house in the best street. So we had to fix it up a bit in order to rent it out while we … [Continue reading...]

4th of July Party Ideas!


Hey YA'LL!! America's favourite day of the year is coming up this week - Independence Day! A public holiday in the U.S, the 4th of July commemorates the date in 1776 when the U.S declared independence from Great Britian... something us Aussies don't know anything about ;) It takes place at the beginning of the summer holidays, so kids have just finished school for a couple of months and families typically go on vacation. This year, since it will be our last in the U.S, we are going away … [Continue reading...]

Some Big Changes in My Life!

House Crop

Hi friends! Firstly, let me apologise for my obvious lack of posts lately. It has been for good reason though I promise. I am very excited to say that I am pregnant, and as a result I have spend the past few months lying on the couch. First trimester has been brutal! I am thrilled […]

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Why Choose a Gas Fireplace?


  As you may or may not know, my husband and I are planing to renovate and extend out little house in Balmain in the not so distant future. With that in mind, I often research different ideas I have about things I want in my new home. And a must have for me, is […]

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10 Clever Craft Storage Ideas

Craft Wire hanging

This is a selfish post. I wrote it for myself. But if you happen to be in need of some organization and craft storage for your bits and bobs, I’m happy to be of service! If you asked me where I keep my wrapping paper, ribbons, sticky-tape, thank-you cards, scissors, paintbrushes, pens and stapler, this […]

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Manchester Warehouse Beauty Giveaway


It’s GIVEAWAY Time folks!! Manchester Warehouse have been soooo generous by donating this amazing Bathroom Package exclusively for Darling Street readers. Throw out those old towels and make room for new ones, it’s time to give your bathroom a brand-spanking makeover! How to Enter To the left, you will see ‘Darling Street Newsletter’ under STAY […]

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Pretty Sheds, for Girls Who Want a Shed!

Shed Dream Crop

Fact: I want a shed. Not just a normal shed. A pretty shed. True Story: I have been living in New York now for 3 years, and every time I get a little homesick I ring my Dad for a chat. If I happen to mention that my husband is also feeling homesick, this is […]

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We Restored Our Vintage Clock

Clock Crop

Remember a few months back when I found this fab 1930′s vintage clock at an antique market? If your memory needs refreshing, you can read all about my awesome find here. The clock wasn’t exactly in the best condition. In fact, I’d say its time had really and truly run out.          (Ba […]

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Time for a Cozy Winter Bed Makeover

Bed Crop

Calling all Southern-Hemisphere-Dwellers! Pull out your ugg boots, dust off your beanie and stock up on Paw-Paw… winter is just around the corner. A change of season calls for us to rearrange our wardrobe by pulling our winter woolies to the front and stocking our swimmers and maxi-dresses at the back. And, perhaps making a […]

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