First Week of Renovations!


Our first week of renovations has begun! And what better way to start, than by using a sledge-hammer and crow-bar to rip out a kitchen. You may recall that it previously looked like this: Well, not anymore. Matt and I went in on Sunday and pretty much ripped out the whole thing. Our builders were starting on Monday, so we wanted to get some of the demolition work done before they arrived. This meant we saved ourselves a whole lotta money in manual labour (no pun intended;) The … [Continue reading...]

Restoring my Kitchen Stool using Milkpaint

Cleaning the Stool

Remember when I hit a Flea Market Auction in Bowral a few weeks ago? Well, a few of the items I bought didn't make it into my Online Shop. That's because I wanted to keep them for myself! One of those items was this cute kitchen stool... I have been keeping my eyes peeled for one of these for a while now. Not only do I love the look of them, but they are incredibly useful! I have wanted to restore a kitchen stool for a while. Since our house in Balmain was built in the 1920s, it has 3 … [Continue reading...]

Laundry Layout Option #2


  Yesterday I wrote a post about our Laundry Layout Option #1. You can see that here. Today, I bring you, Option #2! Option #1 makes use of the wall space along the length of the laundry. Option #2 makes use of the space around the window. I found this picture on Pinterest and thought […]

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Laundry Layout Option #1

Large Laundry Crop

  So here’s the deal. We are going to have a small laundry. I’m talking 1290mm wide x 2515mm long. And yes, one of the most annoying things about renovating a house, is learning how to talk in millimeters. I mean, I get it, we have to be as exact as possible so everything fits. […]

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BIG NEWS: My Online Vintage Shop is Now Open!

Filing Cabinet

  If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I am a lover of vintage wares. While living in the USA, I collected vintage pieces from flea markets, auctions and antique stores. But I was limited in what I could buy, as I always knew I would have […]

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Sketching My Kitchen Floor Plans PART 2


  Last week I shared with you my kitchen floor plans for the wall-unit part of the kitchen, if you missed it, you can take a squiz at that here. This week, I bring you – the island! The island will essentially act as a divide between the kitchen and the living area. It won’t […]

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Sketching My Kitchen Floor Plans: PART 1


  This week saw us meet with two different kitchen designers. Now, you would think that a kitchen designer would, oh I don’t know, design your kitchen? However, what we found was that we really had to come to them with a series of ideas first, before they could start their design process. So back […]

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Designing our Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Grey Painted Cupboards

  Well, our builders are due to start in a couple of weeks, but we are still waiting to receive our Construction Certificate (CC) from our local council. The CC is needed before any work can begin on the property. So, we thought we would take advantage of the next few weeks and start designing […]

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The Upstairs Renovation Floor Plans

Upstairs Floor Plan

Greetings renovator-lovers! Last week I shared with you our downstairs floor plans for our big reno, and this week I’ll share with you the UPSTAIRS renovation floor plans. So in brief, currently there is NO upstairs. It is a single story house. We will therefore be building the second story from scratch. By “we” I […]

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Hand Picked flowers from Mum and Dad’s Garden


Is there a sweeter gift than hand picked flowers? I think not. Since moving back to Australia, my hubby and I have been living with my parents while we begin renovations on our house. They live on 5 acres in the rural suburb of Dural, which is quite a change from the concrete jungles of […]

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