What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to take in your Hospital Bag

Hi friends! Okay, so this is WAY off the renovating topic. But honestly, I wanted a break form writing/thinking/dreaming/talking about the house at the moment. Plus I have several girlfriends who are going to give birth in the next month or two (!!), and I've been promising each of them a list of things to pack in their hospital bag. So instead of emailing them all individually, I thought I would write a blog post about it, in case this could help anyone else! Obviously everyone's birth … [Continue reading...]

Renovation Update: Installing Gyprock!


It is starting to look like a REAL house! Each step during a reno feels exciting, as it is a step closer to a move-in date. I was excited when the floor went down, when the bricks went up and when the roof went on. But NOTHING compares to installing gyprock! I hadn't been to the house for a few days, as we went up to Avoca for 4 nights over my Birthday. So it was awesome to come home and see the progress. Our gyprocker had been on site measuring and cutting the large sheets of gyprock to … [Continue reading...]

Renovation Update: We Have a Roof!


I would like to start this post by saying a massive thank you to my little boy, Jack. Although he can’t read QUITE yet, I want to publicly acknowledge his awesomeness at sleeping in the car. Since we are living with my folks, we are a 45 minute drive away from our Balmain house. Which […]

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How to Design an En-suite: A Jigsaw Puzzle!

The Block in Melbourne

Throughout the whole process of designing our home, we always consider the effect our decisions will have on the re-sale value. Reason being, we think we will outgrow this house within 5-7 years (hopefully if more babies come along). We therefore look at our renovation as an investment, not just as our home. We’ve had […]

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8 Amazing Antiques Selling at Auction Tomorrow!

Lot 784

In my experience, the secret to a home going from ‘good’ to ‘reality show judge approved’ is the presence of at least one unique, authentic, feature piece of decoration or furniture to draw attention. So, where to find these vintage gems without having to ‘Mike Wolff’ it through the dirty and rusty barns of strangers? […]

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How to Restore a Wicker Rocking Chair


It was a regular Sunday afternoon, as Matt and I drove to our friends’ house for a BBQ. Little did we know, it was one of our favourite days of the year – COUNCIL CLEAN UP!! Unfortunately for Matt, he was driving. Sucker. So I was the one who got to look out the window […]

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Renovation Update: Second Floor!


Things are moving again! After a few weeks off over January, our builder is back on the job! In one of my recent posts, I shared that the first floor structure had been completed before Christmas. Now, the second floor structure is on its way! As you can see, the stud walls are up, which […]

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Timber or Aluminium Windows?


  We were very excited to receive TWO special deliveries last week – one came in the form of a gorgeous baby boy called Jack! He is such a darling and we are loving being his mum and dad:) Victory! I finished all the milk! The other came in the form of windows and bi-fold […]

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